WalksRides is your councilís outdoor portal. Itís a mobile app that brings your walks and rides to life while promoting your natural assets to local residents and potential visitors.

Open your outdoors

Many of Victoriaís greatest journeys lie right on your doorstep.

These journeys Ė the walks and rides through your councilís towns and countryside Ė are powerful drawcards for both local residents and tourists.

They open up a vivid outdoor world of streetscapes, townscapes, landscapes and seascapes.

And theyíre full of places that are inspiring, fun and healthy for anyone to explore... from the picnicking family to the avid day-walker, cycler or horse-rider.

If only people knew they were there.

WalksRides can open your outdoors. Itís a mobile app that brings your councilís walks and rides to life. In doing so, it promotes your councilís natural assets to both local residents and potential visitors from right across the world.

Making your outdoors simple, sure and social

Your councilís dedicated WalksRides app provides everything a potential visitor needs, including information, maps and photography. With WalksRides, anyone anywhere can explore and plan their time in your councilís outdoors. The WalksRides app brings your councilís outdoors to life with:

  • Path, track and trail descriptions
  • Maps and directions, including amenity, water and seating locations
  • Photography, which can be uploaded by your council and by users
  • A custom-designed interface that shows the world what makes your region unique. WalksRides makes exploring your outdoors simple, sure and social.


With WalksRides, anyone with a smartphone can find, imagine and plan their days exploring your outdoors.


They can explore your tracks confident that they know whatís ahead of them. They can see the difficulty and terrain before they take their first step.

Simple solution. Powerful promotion and planning.

WalksRides is a simple way to support the uptake and management of your councilís unique natural assets. With WalksRides, you can:

Promote your regionís paths, tracks and trails through:

  • Your councilís dedicated WalksRides app available (as required) for both Apple and Android devices
  • The Victoria Walks web site.

Make exploring your region simple, sure and social for both residents and visitors.

Promote a healthy lifestyle and stronger community ties.

Support asset utilisation, track maintenance and planning with real-time track usage data.

All this is wrapped in a simple, but robust, mobile app solution that includes:

  • A custom-designed interface that highlights the best of what your region has to offer
  • A powerful platform that includes the ability to create your own walks
  • Real-time referencing of Victoria Walks maps to ensure your app is always up to date